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DOBstar is a joint venture between Optimal Ranging, Inc. (USA) and Deep BV (NL) providing equipment and services for underwater cable and pipeline Depth of Burial surveys.

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Optimal Ranging, based in Silicon Valley, California, provides technology-leading products for survey of underwater, offshore, and underground utilities based on its advanced FieldSens, MultiSens and AccuSens technologies.
It is a leading provider of products and services for surveying and management of Electrical, Oil & Gas and Telecom transmission and distribution systems worldwide.
The transmission and distribution network is the mission critical asset of the next generation utilities and telecommunication system. Optimal Ranging supports leading utilities worldwide in managing their mission-critical distribution networks.

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Deep BV is a leading international engineering and survey company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, specialized in hydrography, geophysics and oceanography. Through its advanced technology the company's worldwide operation encompasses inshore waterways, harbors, coastal zones and offshore areas, supplying clients with high-quality data and reliable insights into the underwater world. With its own fleet of vessels, high-standard equipment and survey techniques and highly motivated staff, Deep prides itself on quality of data, reports, client relations and cost-effective approach to projects.

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